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Complex Email Services Made Simple

Transactional emails come in many forms, including account notifications, confirmations and receipts, security updates, and contract renewals. Sending & Delivering these types of emails is complex. There are rules, regulations, policies, and coding that is beyond most business professionals.

That's where we come in! We've worked through all of the complexities of sending & delivering transactional emails, so you don't have to. Our custom infrastructure and framework is layered on top of Amazon's powerful email service platform. It's blazing fast, secure, scalable, and works behind the scenes with any software application.

When getting started, our integration team will analyze your current infrastructure, vendors, and triggered events. We then design and build each email template for each triggered event, and we review and set up all applicable DNS records, including DKIM and SPF. Finally, as we scale output, we'll manage all aspects of reputation and deliverability.

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Transaction Email Services
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Simple and Affordable Pricing

Our managed service provides everything needed for sending/delivering/tracking transactional emails.

  • FLAT $15 Monthly Service Fee
  • 10,000 FREE Monthly Emails
  • Affordable Tier Pricing (after free emails)
  • Dedicated Account Representative
  • Phone & Email Support
  • Intuitive Organized Management Portal
  • Dedicated IP Address @ $35 per (optional)

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