The WSC Development Process

Designing and developing superior software applications is not easy to do - it requires a precise blend of technologies, project management, engineering and collaboration. When we work with a client to create an application we have a proprietary process that includes analysis, design, programming, and deployment. This process was designed to set expectations and provide transparency.

Development Process Step #1 - Analysis

Step #1 - Analysis

Long before we write a single line of code we work with you to define the nature and scope of your project. From our very first meeting, we focus not only on your needs but the needs of your audience. As part of our analysis we discuss the following topics.

  • Project Goals & Objectives
  • Current Infrastructure & Vendors
  • Competition & Audience
  • Budget & Payment Structures
  • Benchmarks & Completion Time Frame
  • Marketing & Social Interaction
  • Design & Device Architecture
  • Maintenance & Upgrades
  • Application Licensing

After the analysis we'll provide a project estimate and blueprint cost. If approved we'll create a detailed project blueprint that outlines the entire project. If the project blueprint is executed to a contract the full blueprint cost will be credited to the first invoice.

Development Process Step #2 - Design

Step #2 - Design

The design process is the most exciting phase of the project. Using the latest coding techniques and concepts, we build a site that's optimized for all browsers and device types where clients will see their idea come to life visually. As part of this phase clients will see the following.

  • Site Design
  • Structural Components
  • Navigation Flow
  • Design Colors
  • Logos & Graphics
  • Content & Social Components
  • Field & Functionality Markup
  • Device Testing

Throughout the design process our clients will interact with their dedicated project manager for review, testing and adjustments until this phase is complete and ready for Programming.

Development Process Step #3 - Programming

Step #3 - Programming

During the programming phase our team transforms the completed design into a fully functional website that meets all of the project specifications. Although this phase of the project is "behind the scenes" we'll keep it transparent with updates and discussions that include the following concepts.

  • Server Infrastructure
  • Programming Language
  • Database Platform
  • Framework Architecture
  • Third Party Software Integration
  • Third Party API Connectivity
  • Database Connectivity
  • Automated Procedures
  • Documentation

As with the design phase, the programming phase also requires clients to interact with their dedicated project manager for review, testing and adjustments. In addition to client testing WSC has a dedicated team of folks that do nothing but test applications.

Development Process Step #4 - Deployment, Support and Maintenance

Step #4 - Deployment, Support and Maintenance

Deployment - Upon completion of the application we can do a full or beta deployment depending on the project specifications.

If full deployment is desired we'll provide access to all dashboards and services that are needed for client interaction. Access to source code and documentation is dependant on the licensing model chosen and paid for. By this phase of the project most training will have been completed. If additional staff training is necessary arrangements can be made.

Support & Maintenance - Support & Maintenance is on-demand or can be pre-paid with a set number of hours each month.

References available upon request.