Marketing, Notification and Transactional Email Services

Marketing, Notification and Transactional Email Services

Sending marketing, notification and transaction emails is complex. There are rules, regulations, policies and coding that is beyond most business professionals.

That's where we come in! We've worked through all of the complexities of sending bulk email and built a platform that provides a complete solution to help digital marketers, application developers and business professionals send bulk email.

Built upon Amazon's Simple Email Services (SES) our Simple Email Service is efficient, fast and works behind the scenes with any software application.

When choosing to partner with us you'll get a complete solution that includes customizable templates that are branded to your business, extensive reports that show every aspect of deliverability including deliveries, bounces and rejections plus an opt-out feature that helps keep your sending reputation within bulk email guidelines.

Our monthly pricing model is simple and affordable:

  • Choice of Shared IP Address ($15) or Dedicated IP Address ($30)
  • Low Usage Cost (0.001 cents per email)

Need more information or want to get started, call 865-686-5713 or Contact Us via our web form.